The Story 2011 – The Short Version

On Friday 18th February 2011, a motley crew of story enthusiasts gathered at the Conway Hall in London to learn and be inspired. This is the second year Matt Locke has produced ‘The Story‘ and it was, once again, a fantastic event.

Graham Linehan and Cory Doctorow, on stage at The Story 2011

Graham Linehan and Cory Doctorow, on stage at The Story 2011. Photo taken on iPhone, not a brilliant example of my event photography ;)

We were treated to fascinating insights and displays from Margaret Robertson, The Ministry of Stories, Blast Theory, Adam Curtis, Karl James, Cornelia Parker, Phil Gyford, Paul Bennun & Nick Ryan, Mary Hamilton, Lucy Kimbell, Martin Parr, Graham Linehan & Cory Doctorow, and Mark Stevenson. A last minute apology from Tim Kring (he of ‘Heroes’ fame) was a disappointment but, even without this star attraction, it didn’t feel like anything was missing.

My notes have turned into event minutes but if you’re just looking for a quick fix, here are a few of my favourite things:

“Every choice we make, even down to the jewellery or clothes we choose to wear or not wear, has an impact on the story we broadcast that day.” – Margaret Robertson

Sometimes the story is not where/what we expect it to be.
“Thank you for listening.” – Karl James

“eBay is full of stories”. – Cornelia Parker

You can go anywhere with a camera, you can gatecrash people’s lives”.
“Photos capture the truth about who we are”. – Martin Parr

“The cat’s going to die, and Roy and Moss have to show it a good time. It’s an eight year old cat so what do eight year olds like? They take the cat to see Santa. They’re in floods of tears. It’s tragic.” – Graham Linehan

[Re: Father Ted night/Twitter]
Graham Linehan: “It was nothing too unusual.”
Cory Doctorow: “I’ve had Twin Peaks marathons that David Lynch didn’t join me for!”
Graham Linehan: “I’m annoyingly available.

“This could be a renaissance, not just damage limitation. We have everything to play for.”
“The future cannot happen until we change our minds to meet it.”
Cheer up, it may happen.” – Mark Stevenson

And there’s more. If you want to meet The Pedicurist, hear about Martin Parr’s close encounter with a shark and a wine glass, and find out how I got shot in the shoulder then please read on. I make no apologies for luring you in with sensationalist headlines. I do, however, make apologies for any inaccuracies I’ve made.

Okay, feel free to read the long version now.

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