Bengals in the Bath

I often have the pleasure of babysitting two gorgeous Bengal cats. Morriss (above) shoots me looks of hatred until he realises he has to rely on me for food. That usually takes 12-24 hours and coincides with noisy demands for cuddles… they’re a delight at 5am. Maggie’s a bit more forthcoming – very nervous but she does like a cuddle and often follows me around like a puppy. Being strange creatures, the Bengals love hopping into the bath, hoping for a dripping tap. I obliged this weekend in return for some of their best poses for the camera.

All the photos are now on Flickr and Facebook.

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  1. juliebee 25 March 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    I visited the cats today. Morriss ignored me/ran away from me. Sigh. He has such a short memory.

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