The Meerkat Guide to Royal Weddings

I paid another visit to the meerkats at St Andrews Aquarium yesterday to produce photos for a Royal Wedding press release. Kate & Wills met there so it’s the perfect place to celebrate the occasion!

It was a particularly hard shoot as the meerkats weren’t very interested in the props we supplied; in fact, they were interested in everything but! They kept wandering over to my cameras and even took some time to sniff my arm but we kept playing until they hung around the red, white and blue paraphernalia.

Some of the photos were just begging for captions so we joined forces and the lovely Tricia from Volpa PR has produced this brilliant video. Sit back and enjoy some wedding wisdom from our meerkat friends:

Visit Flickr to see the meerkat photos from my last visit; I’ll put together a gallery of new ones in the next day or two.

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