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How Do Photographers Survive The Winter?

My latest blog post for Blacksnow Studios looks at how photographers can keep businesses going over the winter. It’s oh so tempting to hibernate but I spoke to a friendly bunch of photographers and business coaches to explore more useful options. There are a few nuggets in there for other creative freelancers too.

Juliebee in Blacksnow’s ‘Photographer Spotlight’

I do a lot of writing and proofreading for the lovely people at Blacksnow Studios a company that has built business management software for photographers. It’s quite handy being the writer and the target audience at the same time!

Having donned my other creative hat to take their headshots a few months ago, I was chosen as the first photographer to go under the spotlight in their new blog feature. Read on to find out more about me and my photography…





Judy Murray meets the penguins at St Andrews Aquarium

I was the only photographer invited to photograph Judy Murray meeting her namesake penguins at St Andrews Aquarium  on Thursday 1st August.  The four Humboldt penguins were named Andy, Judy, Kim and Shirley after the Wimbledon champion’s clan.  The pics have rapidly made the international press. Hurrah :) 

All photos are © Julie Broadfoot and must not be reproduced without permission. Please contact me at for more information.




The Enchanted Forest 2011

I’ve spent hours in the Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry over the last few nights, taking photographs to turn into calendars, greetings cards, postcards and prints. I’d love to tell you more but I’m up to my eyes in multi-coloured trees, moon-like objects, leaves and stairs that glow in the dark. *Update!* You can now buy official Enchanted Forest merchandise right here.

I’ve put loads of my Enchanted Forest pictures on my Facebook page. And there are more to come. I hope you like them.

Paws in the Park

Many, many Paws in the Park at yesterday’s doggy event in Rouken Glen Park. I confess I paid more attention to cuddles than photos but I hope you like this lot. It was incredibly hard not to take some of the puppies home.


Exhibition Launch (Part 2)

Here’s what happened at the launch of my exhibition! Brilliant video by Woods Noble Media (if you excuse the fact I’m in it). The exhibition run has been extended so my pictures will now be decorating the walls of Curlers Rest until the 14th August.

You can see what happened behind the scenes during the set up of my exhibition launch in this video.