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Glasgow Dogs Trust’s Waggy Walk 2011

The rain was miserable but that didn’t stop hundreds of dogs and their humans enjoying themselves at Tollcross Park this morning. They were taking part in the annual Waggy Walk to raise money for Dogs Trust, and they LOVED it. Photos will be here soon but you’ll find a bunch over on my Facebook page in the meantime!

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Paws in the Park

Many, many Paws in the Park at yesterday’s doggy event in Rouken Glen Park. I confess I paid more attention to cuddles than photos but I hope you like this lot. It was incredibly hard not to take some of the puppies home.


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Be Good Be Social

I’m photographing a charity sector social media event next week in Edinburgh. This is my guest blog for their website:

“Social media is great at giving people a voice. It doesn’t matter who you are, there are amazing tools on the world wide web that let you share your views, promote your work, get on your soapbox, or just have a natter. The Media no longer talks at the public, the public is now a very real part of the conversation. I spent years running a TV show’s blog and message board, and learned how important it is to listen to and engage with your audience.

I’m passionate about Twitter, Facebook and the rest. I changed my life a few months ago – left a great career at the BBC to become a freelance writer and photographer. It’s exciting and terrifying in equal measure but one thing has helped my transition more than anything else: Twitter.

I’ve got commissions through it, I’ve met inspiring people who have helped point me in the right direction, and I’ve made great friends. And when I’m working in isolation there’s always a crowd to join… and procrastinate with ;). Twitter is, in many ways, my office.

As if this isn’t enough to whet my appetite for the Be Good Be Social event, I love being involved with charities. I’ve had the pleasure to work with OneKind and Dogs Trust recently. It feels life-affirming to have new opportunities like these, and it gives me focus. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s a far cry from the world of entertainment that I have inhabited for so long!

I’ll be photographing Be Good Be Social, sending out a few tweets on the night and eavesdropping on all the wisdom you have to share.

I look forward to being a part of it.”

So there you go. A guest blog! Woo! Never done that before. I hope it’ll be the first of many. Now excuse me while I go faff about on Twitter

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Waggy Walks 2010

Sunday: a day for rest, a day for lying about with a stack of newspapers, or a day for plodding around a muddy park with over a hundred dogs?

Waggy Walks took place all over the UK on Sunday to raise money for Dogs Trust, and I ventured down to Tollcross Park in Glasgow to capture the proceedings on my camera. I’m rarely happier than when I’m surrounded by animals so, despite the teeming rain/drizzle/mud/midges, it was a lot of fun and I’m really happy with my photos. These two are just a taster – you’ll find many more Waggy Walks photos over on Flickr.
Twiglet (@thetwiglet)

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