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Celtic Connections 2011

And so it begins. Celtic Connections is here for its 18th year and it brings something special to Glasgow every time; the city fills with happy faces, whether they’re performing or spectating… or getting hammered in the legendary festival club till the wee hours of the morning ;)

I’m ashamed to say it’s pretty easy to tune out the music when you’re staring through a lens, conscious of your three song limit and trying not to feel the pain in your knees (Concert Hall + wooden floor + crawling around in front of the audience = ouch) but the atmosphere at Celtic gigs is always a treat and there are always a few musicians who grab my attention.

I photographed Celtic Connections gigs for years for the BBC, and a few photos have been picked up by press or used for festival promotion. One of my pics is in this year’s brochure (page 22, fact fans) and I’ve just learned the same shot was used in The Drum a few months ago to celebrate CC’s win of Best Traditional Event at the Scottish Event Awards! These things please me and I hope they bode well for this year – it’s my first time as a freelancer and it’s a whole new world.

I shot the Torchlight Procession this afternoon – that involves running backwards through George Square, trying to frame a decent picture from a marching pipe band, a promotional banner that’s at waist level, and an endless sea of flames. Many of those flames extinguished themselves en route today, which didn’t make life easy, but there was a bunch of fire-jugglers waiting at the Concert Hall to amuse me and the gaggle of photographers.

Just as I’d recovered from that exertion, it was time for the Opening Concert: ‘The Pulse of the World featuring Zakir Hussain’. On went the knee pads and I crawled into that wee space in front of the audience, smiling politely and assuring the poor folk we wouldn’t be there for long. I didn’t hear a thing cos there were far too many people on stage to concentrate on.

You’ll find all my Celtic Connections photos on Flickr and some of them will be published elsewhere tomorrow (oh dear, it’s actually today) so I’ll add links to them when I get them. And there are plenty more photos to come so please watch this space.

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