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Enchanted Forest 2013

I’ve been photographing The Enchanted Forest for years. I’m always laden with camera gear and dressed oh-so-sexily in warm clothes, wellies, a waterproof jacket and a cosy hat that makes me look like a child. As usual, I stocked up on handwarmers a few weeks in advance and prepared myself for all eventualities. Sadly, my camera’s rain cover and the ‘shower caps’ to keep my bags dry were needed as heavy rain descended upon us. When it comes to the crunch, my camera gear has to be kept dry and it really doesn’t matter that my own hood has to be discarded cos it comes between my eyes and my viewfinder.

The weather made it a more challenging shoot but, despite the difficulties caused by raindrops on my lens, wet hands and a slippery tripod, it was a pretty amazing night. The views, as ever, were gorgeous. It’s fascinating to see how the clever creatives behind the event can turn Faskally Wood into a new spectacle every year.

The title of the 2013 show is ‘Absorb’ and please permit me a moment of bragging: one of my photos from last year’s event is the backdrop to this year’s marketing materials, visible on the website, posters and (hurrah!) billboards across the country, among other things. It’s my first billboard. I’m pretty excited.

Anyway, as you’ll see from my photos, there’s plenty to be absorbed by in the forest this year. The bridge looks stunning in a sweeping net of fairy lights, there are colour-changing orbs resting on the loch, an interactive globe for touch play, a huge pseudo-moon in the trees, and (one of my favourite bits) a large stretch of forest lit up in a display that’s choreographed to orchestral music. I like to call it Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark but many have told me that’s not funny and it’s just showing my age ;)

I’m back there tonight so watch this space for more photos!


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Juliebee in Blacksnow’s ‘Photographer Spotlight’

I do a lot of writing and proofreading for the lovely people at Blacksnow Studios a company that has built business management software for photographers. It’s quite handy being the writer and the target audience at the same time!

Having donned my other creative hat to take their headshots a few months ago, I was chosen as the first photographer to go under the spotlight in their new blog feature. Read on to find out more about me and my photography…






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Curlers Rest Launch

I think I’ve finally recovered from my exhibition launch at Curlers Rest. Think. Maybe. Probably. Anyway, I’ve recovered enough to say a wee bit more about it.

Approximately 60 people attended the launch and I was bowled over by everyone’s kind words and support. I like to think it wasn’t just the bubbly and great food that prompted their enthusiasm! I have 15 photos on display until the end of July – a mix of puffins, meerkats, Scottish weather and the beauty of, among other things, The Enchanted Forest.

It’s my first public exhibition (I exhibited some of my work in BBC Scotland shortly before I left last year) and it was pretty nerve-wracking for more reasons than I dare to bore you with. Happily, it was hailed a success. I had fantastic help from friends on the day (Alison Hutcheson, Rob Beer and Nick Storey), it was an excuse to buy a new frock (and matching handbag – no, I won’t stop talking about it), it’s been featured on three great websites (Glasgow Podcart, Folio 14 and VisitScotland), there’s a press story in the works, many lovely people on Twitter have told their followers about it again and again (thanks to whoever started the #excitedforjulie hashtag – it made me laugh!), and I sold a few prints on the night.

As hostess, it was hard to take photos of the event but, as you can see above, I managed a few at the end of the night (one of my friends said that seeing me behind the camera was the most relaxed I’d been all night). Thanks to Sara Christie for taking the pictures of me, and Ali for the one of me and Patricia Elliot. The event was filmed by Woods Noble Media and I’ll share the videos shortly.

In the meantime, please allow me to share some of the lovely comments from Twitter folk who came along to the launch:

“At @juliebee’s very busy exhibition launch with @Kenflaw and @LadyMiller. Looks awesome! Tres classy!” – @different_light

“Well done @juliebee photos looked great as did you. Hope you enjoy the rest of your special evening.” – @caroledunlop

“A success. An unqualified success. @juliebee’s photographic exhibition in @curlers_rest was a resounding success. #excitedforjulie” – @stuglen

“Well done to @juliebee, the meerkats totally rocked! X” – @AnnieBeee (no relation)

“@juliebee Congrats on the opening night – a resounding success! #excitedforjulie” – @armadillojam

“Excellent launch yesterday by @juliebee at @curlers_rest. Photos are fab, definitely a must-see (Byres Rd). Well done!” – @heatheralex

“@juliebee Congrats on a wonderful evening @curlers_rest It was an excellent exhibtion, your work looked great. Well done! #excitedforjulie” – @elizakitten

“@juliebee Thanks for throwing a great party last night and making the Curlers’ walls a damn sight prettier!” – @Anna_Cook

“Had a great time at @juliebee’s photo exhibition at @curlers_rest last night. She is one talented lady!” – @hollyjunesmith

“Congrats on last night!! Excellent show and amazing images!!” – @kenflaw

“Some wonderful pictures to see http://www.juliebee.co.uk/curlersrest/ via @juliebee Why not drop in Curlers Rest on Byres road and look” – @wendyatidrach

“an exhibition I won’t miss!” – @dillytalk

“Some gorgeous pics! Have a look x” – @sue_mulholland

Thanks again, everyone – you were amazing! My exhibition photographs are now available to view and purchase online.

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Vote for me!

As if I’d ask for votes. As if! I’m merely informing you that voting has begun for the Scottish New Music Industry Awards and I happen to be one of the contenders for Event Photographer of the Year. I am ridiculously excited about it and will be crossing my fingers and holding my breath until the August deadline.

Anybody can vote but only one vote per IP address is permitted. You’ll find the voting form on the Scottish New Music Industry Awards website right now.

There are 27 categories including Live Club, Sound Engineer, Concert Venue, Media Person, Event, Director, Poster Artist, Radio Show and Record Label. I could go on but you’ll see them for yourself when you go to vote, won’t you? :)

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The Meerkat Guide to Royal Weddings

I paid another visit to the meerkats at St Andrews Aquarium yesterday to produce photos for a Royal Wedding press release. Kate & Wills met there so it’s the perfect place to celebrate the occasion!

It was a particularly hard shoot as the meerkats weren’t very interested in the props we supplied; in fact, they were interested in everything but! They kept wandering over to my cameras and even took some time to sniff my arm but we kept playing until they hung around the red, white and blue paraphernalia.

Some of the photos were just begging for captions so we joined forces and the lovely Tricia from Volpa PR has produced this brilliant video. Sit back and enjoy some wedding wisdom from our meerkat friends:

Visit Flickr to see the meerkat photos from my last visit; I’ll put together a gallery of new ones in the next day or two.

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Take Five Questionnaire

I’ve hooked up with Revolver PR a couple of times in the last few months (some of my photos have been used in their caption competition and I provided a raffle prize for their International Women’s Day/Oxfam event) and I’ve now been featured on their website.

They asked me all sorts of difficult questions about what my business is about, who inspires me, what digital can be used to address, and where I’ll be in five years. Apparently my answers sound surprisingly intelligent, which has shocked my friends and family.

Please pop over to the Revolver PR site to have a read and let me know what you think.

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