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T in the Park 2011: Bands

I spent last weekend at T in the Park, shooting promotional pictures for the festival organisers, DF Concerts, and I found a little time to photograph a few bands. Lots more to show’n'tell soon but here are some photos of Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Slash and Ocean Colour Scene.


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So Much To Say…

… and so little time and energy! Sorry for lack of updates, folks, but I’ve been a tad busy. I’ve got plenty of blogs brewing that have yet to make their way onto the screen but I thought I’d just give you a quick summary and point you in the direction of a few new photos.

Today was spent cuddling and photographing dogs. In fact, I met and photo’d more than 30 of ‘em at the Glasgow Vet School Rodeo. Amazing event and great fun, despite a biting wind. I even popped into the reptile tent and was talked into holding a snake. I survived but I think I prefer them through a very long lens. I’ll have all the doggy photos online soon but, for now, you can check out my pictures from last year’s Rodeo here, featuring dogs, a lamb, sheep, a calf, ferrets, birds of prey and duck herding.

Puffins! I’ve put a few of my new puffin photos online. Lots more to come. They are ADORABLE.

Talking of adorable, have you ever seen a baby meerkat? Well, please step this way and prepare to squeal. I photo’d a baby and three adult meerkats at St. Andrews Aquarium last week. Lots to tell about that so please watch this space.

And now for something completely different. Here are my X Factor Live Tour Photos featuring One Direction, Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd, Paije Richardson, Katie Waissel, Aiden Grimshaw and the legendary Wagner.

On top of all of that, I’ve walked on fire (I raised over £400 for OneKind!), done a really successful headshot shoot, taken some pictures of a great Quarriers project, done my first wedding (as second shooter for the fabulous One Big Picture Photography), picked up some great tips at the Photovision Roadshow, and managed an ounce of a social life at Edinburgh’s Twestival. I’ll tell you more about some of them soon.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and lie down ;)

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Celtic Connections 2011: My Story So Far

I had great plans of updating this after every gig but I forgot I’d have to fit in things like sleeping and eating, and all the other bits and pieces of work I have going on! I’ve photographed loads of artists/bands in the last couple of weeks and am trying to catch up with everything else.

People keep asking me about the gigs and what I think of the bands – this might be a terrible admission but I rarely hear the music. I’m so focused on what’s happening through my camera lens that I think my aural abilities shut down! I bought fancy earplugs last year to protect my hearing at gigs, and made the decision to get ones made for musicians so that I can still hear the music… but it appears I only have the concentration for the task in hand when I’m at a concert. It seems terribly ignorant not to really experience the show everyone is there to see, sorry!

Having said that, some folk really do stand out and can distract me from my photography. Treacherous Orchestra were the most enticing band I saw at last year’s Celtic Connections and they were fantastic again this year. Their raucous take on traditional tunes is exciting and they have an incredible stage presence, their charm and enthusiasm wins over everyone in the room.

I’m not sure what it says about me when I admit the other band that has won my attention this year is Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Another supergroup of talented musicians who push the expected boundaries of their instruments, they rocked a packed ABC last night. It’s the first time I’d seen them but I was delighted by their camera-loving antics on stage and loved the music. I was also incredibly jealous of the Blue Peter badges they’d been awarded the day before!

I can never stay for a whole gig but I really wish I could have hung around to enjoy both of those gigs in full.

I didn’t have a chance to experience the music of the Monumental Scott gig but it was exciting to see Bill Paterson on stage, narrating Phil Cunningham and John McCusker‘s creation. Laura Cantrell was great at the City Halls on Sunday; it was very quiet so I couldn’t take many photos (they’ll be online soon) but it did mean I could listen to the music a little more. It was a popular show: I bumped into two members of Belle & Sebastian and one Attic Light!

One other band who deserve a special mention is OqueStrada. I believe it was the Portuguese musos’ first visit to Celtic Connections (to support Cheikh Lô) and they didn’t get the warmest of welcomes at the airport. Their double bass got lost in transit but they didn’t let a little thing like a missing instrument get in the way. They just made a new one. Just fifteen minutes before they were due on stage, the musician and Steve Grimes (looking after the venue’s electrics) put their heads together and created something worthy of a Blue Peter make. Using a plastic bin, a bundle of rags and a rope, they produced something amazing, and soundchecked it seconds before the start of the gig. Talk about ‘Make Do and Mend’! Having seen the band perform, it’s hard to imagine anything dampening their enthusiasm.

I am going to attempt to shoot six more gigs between now and the end of the festival on Sunday. All my photos will appear on Flickr and Facebook within a few hours… hopefully ;)

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Alexandra Burke, Carrie Mac and Parade

There were no fiddles, pipes and bodhrans to be found at the Armadillo on Thursday night! A big departure from the other gigs I’m shooting this month, I photographed Alexandra Burke, Carrie Mac and new girl band Parade on the Glasgow leg of their ‘All Night Long’ tour. Click through to Flickr to see many more photos: Alexandra live, Carrie Mac live, Parade live, and backstage.

Alexandra Burke

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Celtic Connections Photos

Four days in and I’m shattered already! Oops. That’ll be all the photo editing until the wee hours of the morning. Anyway, I’m conscious that a few people are heading here to see my Celtic Connections photos so I thought I’d just do a quick post to point you in the right direction.

All of my pics are on my Flickr site, with more being added after every gig. So far I’ve photographed the Torchlight Procession, Opening Concert featuring Zakir Hussain, Treacherous Orchestra, Fia Na Roca, OqueStrada, Cheikh Lô, Rachel Sermanni, Nuala Kennedy, AJ Roach, Ziggy Campbell and Rick Redbeard.

I’ll do a proper blog post in the next couple of days – so much to tell, so little time! Goodnight, folks :)

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Celtic Connections 2011

And so it begins. Celtic Connections is here for its 18th year and it brings something special to Glasgow every time; the city fills with happy faces, whether they’re performing or spectating… or getting hammered in the legendary festival club till the wee hours of the morning ;)

I’m ashamed to say it’s pretty easy to tune out the music when you’re staring through a lens, conscious of your three song limit and trying not to feel the pain in your knees (Concert Hall + wooden floor + crawling around in front of the audience = ouch) but the atmosphere at Celtic gigs is always a treat and there are always a few musicians who grab my attention.

I photographed Celtic Connections gigs for years for the BBC, and a few photos have been picked up by press or used for festival promotion. One of my pics is in this year’s brochure (page 22, fact fans) and I’ve just learned the same shot was used in The Drum a few months ago to celebrate CC’s win of Best Traditional Event at the Scottish Event Awards! These things please me and I hope they bode well for this year – it’s my first time as a freelancer and it’s a whole new world.

I shot the Torchlight Procession this afternoon – that involves running backwards through George Square, trying to frame a decent picture from a marching pipe band, a promotional banner that’s at waist level, and an endless sea of flames. Many of those flames extinguished themselves en route today, which didn’t make life easy, but there was a bunch of fire-jugglers waiting at the Concert Hall to amuse me and the gaggle of photographers.

Just as I’d recovered from that exertion, it was time for the Opening Concert: ‘The Pulse of the World featuring Zakir Hussain’. On went the knee pads and I crawled into that wee space in front of the audience, smiling politely and assuring the poor folk we wouldn’t be there for long. I didn’t hear a thing cos there were far too many people on stage to concentrate on.

You’ll find all my Celtic Connections photos on Flickr and some of them will be published elsewhere tomorrow (oh dear, it’s actually today) so I’ll add links to them when I get them. And there are plenty more photos to come so please watch this space.

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