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Kirstin & Jamie’s wedding photos – sneak peek

Here you go – a sneak peek at Kirstin and Jamie’s wedding photos. They married at Whitburn South Parish Church and partied at the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel on Saturday 7th September. Apart from the torrential downpour straight after the ceremony (aaargh!), it was a fantastic day. I’ll tell you more soon but, for now, here’s a photographic glimpse of their wedding:


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Photos of Anya’s Christening at St Mary’s Star of the Sea, Edinburgh

My friends’ gorgeous baby was christened last weekend. Naturally, I took my camera.



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Rob & Jude’s Wedding Photos – Sneak Peek

On Saturday 2 February, Rob and Jude married in St Adrian’s Church, Gullane, then feasted and partied at Greywalls Hotel. The wedding put a stop to the endless snow and rain, the bride was beautiful, the hotel and marquee were stunning, and we were in awe of the food that came from Chef Roux’s kitchen.

This is just a first peek at a few of the wedding photos. The happy couple, family and friends will see more soon and then I may reveal some more right here.

PS These pictures are also now on Facebook, ripe for tagging.


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Olympic Torch in Rutherglen

I popped into Rutherglen on Friday to watch the Olympic Torch on its travels through Scotland. I drove by half an hour before it arrived and the streets were empty so we were a bit complacent about finding a good spot. By the time we got there, there were swarms of people sporting flags and smiles.

I put my “tiny person at a big gig” skills to good use and found a way through the crowd, with Mum pushing my niece in her buggy in my wake, to grab a good vantage point. Considering nobody really knew what to expect, it was a brilliant atmosphere, a rare glimpse of positive community spirit.

Bunting and police lined the Main Street as the first of the torch’s entourage trundled along the road. We welcomed random folk waving from giant trucks and buses, courtesy of the event’s sponsors. Senses were overwhelmed by commercialism. Everyone cheered. Then there was a short lull and I actually started to wonder if the torch had been on top of a bus and I’d missed it. Was that why folk were cheering?!

Then the man and his torch arrived. White shellsuit, big grin, waves and a flame that defied the drizzle. And it was quite exciting although I’m still not sure why.

It’s been odd and a little annoying to see London 2012 flags just round the corner from my flat in Glasgow and it’s unlikely I’ll watch any of the Olympics so I had no great yearning to see the torch but we thought it would be a good thing to take my niece to. She’s too young and was distinctly underwhelmed but at least we can say she’s seen it, years from now. And it really is once in a lifetime that the Olympic torch passes the end of your street.


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Aaron & Nicky’s Wedding Photos

My first solo wedding! A taster of images from Aaron and Nicky’s wedding on the Isle of Arran, 28th April 2012.


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The Enchanted Forest 2011

I’ve spent hours in the Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry over the last few nights, taking photographs to turn into calendars, greetings cards, postcards and prints. I’d love to tell you more but I’m up to my eyes in multi-coloured trees, moon-like objects, leaves and stairs that glow in the dark. *Update!* You can now buy official Enchanted Forest merchandise right here.

I’ve put loads of my Enchanted Forest pictures on my Facebook page. And there are more to come. I hope you like them.

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