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Carrie Mac at Apple Store

Carrie Mac celebrated her 24th birthday with a performance at the Apple Store in Glasgow, to promote her upcoming single “Till I See You Again”. Carrie spent her last birthday playing in a wee venue in her home town of Edinburgh; this year she faced an adoring crowd and went home with armfuls of cards, presents and cakes!


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Everybody Dance Now

I’ve shot a lot of live music gigs and some pretty fast-moving stage antics but this production from The McKechnie School of Dance really put me through my paces! They put on two amazing shows at Falkirk Town Hall a few weeks ago and I was there to shoot their opening night. There were about fifty separate performances and at least as many kids involved – it seemed terribly calm backstage but I can’t imagine how they coped with so many costumes, make-up changes and tired little people. It moved very, very fast and *this* little person was exhausted by the end of it so I doff my hat to everyone on stage and behind the scenes.

It was one of those nights when the people involved were desperate to see my pictures and relive the experience. I love being able to produce work that puts a smile on their faces. I’m happy to have had great feedback from the organisers, the lighting guru, the kids and parents… and I’m already looking forward to next year!

I have put nearly 200 photos from the live show on Flickr and the same on Facebook. There are also some shots from one of their rehearsals on Flickr and Facebook. Hope you like ‘em.

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Alexandra Burke, Carrie Mac and Parade

There were no fiddles, pipes and bodhrans to be found at the Armadillo on Thursday night! A big departure from the other gigs I’m shooting this month, I photographed Alexandra Burke, Carrie Mac and new girl band Parade on the Glasgow leg of their ‘All Night Long’ tour. Click through to Flickr to see many more photos: Alexandra live, Carrie Mac live, Parade live, and backstage.

Alexandra Burke

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