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Additions to Andy Murray’s penguin family

Andy Murray’s been talking about his penguins again which means one of my photos gets a bit more publicity :) I’m looking forward to meeting the new critters soon.


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Juliebee in Blacksnow’s ‘Photographer Spotlight’

I do a lot of writing and proofreading for the lovely people at Blacksnow Studios a company that has built business management software for photographers. It’s quite handy being the writer and the target audience at the same time!

Having donned my other creative hat to take their headshots a few months ago, I was chosen as the first photographer to go under the spotlight in their new blog feature. Read on to find out more about me and my photography…






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Judy Murray meets the penguins at St Andrews Aquarium

I was the only photographer invited to photograph Judy Murray meeting her namesake penguins at St Andrews Aquarium  on Thursday 1st August.  The four Humboldt penguins were named Andy, Judy, Kim and Shirley after the Wimbledon champion’s clan.  The pics have rapidly made the international press. Hurrah :) 

All photos are © Julie Broadfoot and must not be reproduced without permission. Please contact me at julie@juliebee.co.uk for more information.




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Togo’s Journey

A one year old harbour seal called Togo made an incredible journey on Thursday; he travelled from the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg, Denmark to Aberdeen airport and on to his new home at St Andrews Aquarium. I was there to capture his arrival in Scotland and his onward journey. You’ll see much more of Togo and the Aquarium’s resident seal, Laurel, very soon.


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Meerkats at St Andrews Aquarium

I have good and bad news from St Andrews Aquarium. Sadly, we said goodbye to their original baby meerkat (Piper) this week. He was suffering from a malformation of joints that was causing him some pain and the Aquarium team had to make a very hard decision. Piper was an amazing wee creature and he’ll be sadly missed. He was the star of many of my most popular photos and I enjoyed spending some more time with him a couple of weeks ago; he was great fun and was thriving in his role as big brother to a bunch of new babies.

So that brings me onto the good news.

Kate and Wills gave birth to five new wee ones a few weeks ago and here are a few meerkat family photos I took during my last visit. Unsurprisingly, you’ll see many more pictures soon.


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Laurel’s my latest subject at St Andrews Aquarium.


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