I’ve always been a writer at heart. I love words. I love spotting spelling mistakes, stringing a bunch of words together to make them flow, and finding the right way to tell the right story to the right people. I’m an ex-BBC Web Producer with years of experience writing for high profile audiences and I can help you speak to yours.

I’ve produced copy for many corporate clients and small businesses in widely varying sectors, writing small flyers and leaflets, wordy brochures, blogs, small chunks of text for Facebook and Twitter, homepages, biographies, a video script, whole websites, newsletters, award applications and a charity’s annual review.

You’ll find examples of my work in this online portfolio. Keep reading to find out more about how I can help you and your business.

Website Content

I can write the words for your website, whether that means rewriting existing copy, starting from scratch or just checking it for spelling mistakes. I’ll ask loads of questions and soak up information about your business, then I’ll piece it all together in a way that grabs your customers’ attention. And if you don’t know where to start, please get in touch; I regularly work with website designers and producers to create professional online spaces.

Social Media Output

I’ve a wealth of experience in online communication and can easily squeeze information into 140 characters. I like a challenge!


Ensure the best first impression. I can make sure that your website, letters, emails, CVs, tender applications, adverts, menus, brochures, documents, signage and merchandise are free from embarrassing mistakes. Unlike these ones that I’ve spotted when out and about.

Maybe your not sure if you’re apostrophy is in it’s write place.

Trust me, I’m a pedant and just writing that last sentence made me feel faint. Pass the smelling salts, please.


Lost for words? Let me help. I can write your letters, flyers, brochures, press releases, web content, emails… whatever you need, I’ll convey your message clearly in the right tone of voice for your market.

Copy Editing

If you’ve already written something and you’d like a little help tidying it up, or you want to revive some old text, I can re-jig it and bring it to life.

Would you like some photos with your words, Sir? Visit my Pictures page to find out what I can do with a camera.

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