Pet photography and wildlife photography

I capture natural, characterful pictures of animals, showing their true personalities in their familiar environments. I would spend all my time with animals if I could. I’ve a strong connection with them and I’m very good at coaxing nervous creatures out of hiding. They love me and I love them. And, by extension, my camera loves them.

Whether you’re looking for pet portraits to frame for your wall, photographs of your beloved creatures to saturate social media, or images of wild animals in your care to promote your business or charity, please get in touch. I am based in Glasgow and work all over the UK. Fill in this contact form, call me on 07710 777121, or email to tell me all about your animals, please!

I’m a bit miffed that you asked Heather for a recommendation when, let’s face it, I was the subject of the pictures! Anyway, here’s what I think... I love getting my picture taken by my friend JulieB, because she’s great fun to work with. She throws balls and makes funny noises and crawls on the floor, all just to get a fabulous picture of my fabulous self! And the results are brilliant – I love the pictures of me with my ball and running around, and there are some nice gentle ones too with flowers in the garden. I can’t wait for the next time!! *woof*
— Twiglet Alexander

Want a professional portrait of a human?! They’re not as cute but they are one of my specialities. Visit my Portraits page.

Want to learn more? Call me on 07710 777121, fill in this contact form or email