FAQ. I get asked a lot of questions so I hope this page might help you…

Could you come to my office or home? Can we shoot in a fancy hotel? Do you have a studio?

Yes. Probably. Maybe. No. Tell me about the location you have in mind and I’ll figure out if it fits my style and your photography needs. Some venues require a fee. Living in Scotland, we’ll also come up with a plan for bad weather. And no, I don't do typical studios although I do have preferred spaces in Glasgow’s city centre and the south side that work as natural light studios for simple portraits.

Can you come to Edinburgh or Manchester or London or Paris or Shettleston?

Yes. I'm based in Glasgow but often travel for work. I'll even go all the way to the west end from the south side. I’m so brave! Get in touch and let me know what you need.

What do you charge?

It depends on the work involved. I have several package options available for headshots and animal photography, all depending on the length of shoot and number of edited images you want. Corporate headshots for a team are priced per person. For commercial, events and TV/film stills, I have a day rate and half day rate, but sometimes a one hour shoot is an option. Please get in touch to tell me what you need and I’ll send you my relevant price guide or give you a bespoke quote.

I have a separate price guide for weddings and elopements so, again, contact me if you have set a date!

When do I pay you? Can I pay by credit card?

I usually only accept payment via bank transfer. I’ll advise when I send your quote. I no longer accept cheques. International payments can be paid via Transferwise or bank transfer.

Can I just turn up at your office address for a photoshoot?

No, sorry. All photoshoots and meetings must be arranged in advance. My office is a co-working space and I’m rarely there as I’m often on location or working from home. To avoid disappointment, please do not turn up without an appointment.

How far in advance can I book you?

My diary changes very quickly so get in touch if you have a date in mind. Some of my work is booked months or two years in advance, but some of it comes in at the last minute and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. For the sake of my sanity, it’s easier to have dates in my diary in plenty of time. If I’m not available for your shoot, I have a great network of professional photographers so hopefully I can find someone to suit your needs.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. I have full insurance for my camera kit, along with public liability and professional indemnity insurance, and a basic disclosure from Disclosure Scotland. 

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a full-time, self-employed professional photographer since April 2010. Before that, I taught myself photography while working at events, gigs and festivals during a long career at the BBC, often taking pictures that appeared across the BBC websites and in the press. I’ve done a few professional workshops but I’m pretty much self-taught.

I’m nervous about being photographed and I hate my nose/chin/lips. Can you help me?

I hear this all the time and I know exactly how you feel. I'm very good at putting people at ease so please don’t worry. During a portrait shoot, it can sometimes take a wee bit of time to relax but I’ll work with you. Together we’ll find your best angles that won’t draw attention to anything you hate. And I have tricks to help you avoid the dreaded double chin.

Will you ask me to strike a pose at my portrait shoot? Will I have to do anything uncomfortable?

No. I will ask you to sit or stand in a particular place, where you're in the best light with the most photogenic background. And then we’ll just chat while I shoot. I may ask you to look at the camera or look to the side. I might ask you to move your hand if it’s looking odd in the frame. But I will not ask you to do anything that makes you feel awkward.

Will you make me look two sizes smaller? Will you airbrush me?

No. My editing involves tweaking colour, light, and removing the odd stray hair or spot if necessary. I won't undertake any manipulation of the images. I can provide a quote for any additional outsourced Photoshop editing if you wish it but please don’t ask me to make people look skinnier or plasticise their skin.

Can you get rid of the spot that appeared on the day of our shoot?

Yes! As I said, I don’t believe in airbrushing but you shouldn’t have to put up with a spot in all your marketing images just because it turned up on your chin to spite you.

I have 10/20/50 staff needing new headshots. Can you do this?

Get in touch, tell me what you need and when. I’ll provide a bespoke quote for your shoot. I don’t do the kind of corporate headshots you see everywhere - no white backdrops and big lighting rigs. I shoot ‘corporate’ headshots the same way I shoot all my other portraits, as you can see on my Headshots page. Please note that at these shoots I allow 15-20 minutes per person. I work differently to other headshot photographers. I won’t do a rapid production line as I believe everyone should feel comfortable and be happy with their finished picture, whether they’re the CEO or they answer the phone to your customers.

My web designer needs photos to fit into a specific space on my website and I really want pictures with plenty of space for text. Can you do that?

Yes, as long as you tell me before the shoot. Unless otherwise asked, I usually supply a mix of landscape and portrait images. If you need them, I can focus on including shots that feature plenty of negative space or super-wide croppable images for web banners and Facebook cover photos.

I’m not a business owner. I don’t have a ‘brand’. I just want nice pictures for online dating.

No problem! If you're sick of selfies and iPhone snaps on Tinder, Bumble and Match, I can help. Professional images that show your personality make a great difference to your online dating profile, and I'm always discreet if you don't want anybody to know about your shoot. I’ve done loads of research into how people feel about photos they see on online dating sites, so I can help you figure out the right type of images to use.

You have other people’s photos all over your website and social media. I don’t want anybody to see mine. Will you keep them private?

Of course. I have photographed a lot of teachers, health professionals, well-known faces, vulnerable people, children and sensitive events… and those photos remain private. Obviously the photos I put online help others see my work but there are different levels of privacy and I'm happy to chat them through with you. I won't put any of your photos online without your permission.

Will you do those black and white photos with one colour showing through?

No. No, no, no, no, no. No.

Can you do a family shoot for me?

No. I’ll do a few family photos during a party, event or wedding but I don’t do standalone family photography. I love capturing candid photos of kids running round having fun but I won’t do ‘posed’, formal pictures of them. They hate it and the pictures don’t reflect their true characters.

Can you take pictures of me with my cat, dog, horse or hamster?

Oh yes, please. Bring it on. I would spend all my time with animals if I could. I have a strong connection with furry creatures and I’m particularly good with nervous pets. Be warned though: if there’s an animal in the vicinity, I might ignore you and focus entirely on them instead.

Do you do product photography?

No. I’ll photograph objects in situ during an event or commercial shoot, in natural light or in a pretty, photogenic space, but I don’t do white background/studio-style images and I don’t have my own natural light space to work on products. I can recommend a colleague instead if you need a product photographer.

Do you do food photography?

No. It’s a specialist area I’m not trained in and I’d only be interested in photographing a packet of crisps. I know some excellent food photographers if you need names.

Do you do landscape photography?

No. I don’t feel I have an eye for landscapes. I have brilliant friends who are dedicated to the art of landscape photography so get in touch if you’d like their details.

Do you do interiors/property/architectural photography?

No. I will take pictures of buildings and interior details as part of a commercial or event shoot, but this isn’t my specialist subject. I can, as always, refer you to another amazing photographer.

Can I have the RAW files?

No. One day maybe I’ll expand this to explain why. For now, please accept I only supply finished images.

Will I have copyright of the photos you take for me?

Another no, I’m afraid. I retain copyright of all of my work and it’s very unlikely I’d consider offers to buy copyright from me.

Can you shoot something for me for free? It’ll be great for your portfolio, I’ll give you lots of exposure on my social media, and I’ll give you paid work in the future!

Sigh. No. Please don’t ask. My portfolio is just dandy, thank you. As much as I love photography, I am running a business and can’t pay my mortgage with the much-hyped ‘exposure’. It’s very unlikely I’d do a ‘swap’ either.

Could you come and speak to kids at my school’s careers event?

Maybe! That’s a nice change from a ‘no’, isn’t it? I often do talks at schools so please get in touch and tell me when and where, and I’ll let you know if I can help.

Are you on social media?

I can't keep away from it. It's an unhealthy addiction. You'll find me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. My Insta stories are awful. Sorry about that.

Do I get a prize for reading all of this really long page?

Yes! You win my gratitude and respect. Prizes like that can’t be bought, you know.

I have a new question nobody else has asked. Can you… ?

I’m intrigued. To ask me a question or request a quote, fill in this contact form, call me on 07710 777121, or email julie@juliebee.co.uk. Thanks!

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