Production stills for TV & Film

I capture stills for press and publicity - a mix of live action photos during camera rehearsals or on air performances, set-up press shots with talent, candid audience reactions, and active backstage moments. Just tell me what you’re working on and we can plan how to promote your production.

I’m at home in a broadcast environment and I’m exceptionally good at avoiding cables, crews and cameras! You can trust me to be tuned into the team’s movements and director’s instructions, making sure I get the shots I need without interrupting the production process.

I’ve worked in TV studios, radio studios and on location since 1996, back when I was taking my first nervous steps into the media. Since then, I’ve become very used to working beside and around actors, audiences, presenters and performers, in live and pre-recorded productions.

I am based in Glasgow and work all over the UK. Fill in this contact form, call me on 07710 777121, or email to ask questions.

In a world where everyone claims to be a photographer, because it’s deceptively easy, Julie’s work stands out. The factor that sets great photographers apart is getting striking images in challenging circumstances and Julie has a great skill for doing that, drawing on a wealth of knowledge and technical wizardry to achieve great results every time. And she’s fast, editing and delivering projects quickly and without fuss.
— Iain MacLeod, Bees Nees Media

Want to learn more? Call me on 07710 777121, fill in this contact form or email

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