Live music photography and performance photography

I take photographs of musicians, dancers and performers, capturing their energy and professionalism, for their publicity, for producers and for press. This often combines with my experience in a broadcast environment, photographing public performances or live music during busy recordings for television.

Live music photography was where my photography career began. The adrenaline-fuelled ‘three songs, no flash’ in dark photo pits, jostling for an angle in front of a baying festival mob. Fast-moving, unpredictable people in intermittent, ever-changing lighting.

During my time at the BBC, I was lucky enough to have access to household names at T in the Park and Celtic Connections, and indie bands in weekly radio sessions. I picked up a new-fangled digital camera and, over a few years, taught myself my craft. My media career means I’m not star-struck or nervous around big names. I can comfortably work in production environments, backstage and front-of-house.

I am based in Glasgow and work all over the UK. Fill in this contact form, call me on 07710 777121, or email to tell me what you’re working on so I can help you promote your band or production.

Julie was wonderful to work with. I was dreadfully nervous immediately before the start of the show but she [...] worked so quickly and, despite how apprehensive I felt, I was thrilled with the results. I look like me in a way I never thought I could. I’d booked her to document my show – it was a very small, dark venue but she captured some tremendous moments of my performance, and she went far beyond my initial vague brief of ‘a few photos of my show please.’ She worked so quietly and subtly, I barely noticed her while I was performing.
— Katherine Harrison, harpist

Want to learn more? Call me on 07710 777121, fill in this contact form or email

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